Help to earthquake victims in Kermanshah

Aided Display Name: Earthquake in kermanshah

Category: Fundraising

Aider Goal: 6000.00

Aided Recieved: 9110.00

Aider Location: Canada

Aided Location: Iran

Date Start: Wednesday, November 15, 2017 - 20:00

Date Finish: Tuesday, November 28, 2017 - 20:00

Leader: Par Ebrahimi

Kermanshah Earthquake Relief Campaign ended with Cooperation 74 people and raising $ 9,101 + $ 300,000 tooman.

Thirty million and thirty one hundreds and seventy four thousand five hundred toman . Of course, came us another 300 thousands tomans after sending assistance that the receipt is available separately.

The aid was sent to Ms. Regia Parham, who, along with the donations they collected, gave it to Mr. Ashkan Rooz afzai in Iran to buy the cabines and deliver them directly to the Kermanshah’s people.

Also we had a fundraising in shiraz restaurant where enthusiasts came to help. The restaurant was hosted by Shiraz Restaurant, Ms. Mahnaz Shahbazi and Mr. Hamid Moghaddam.

Photographs of receipts and stages of purchase of the dumps and their delivery to residents of Kermanshah villages are attached.