Shiva is a girl that the group has known for the past 4 years. A strong and brave girl who was fighting cancer. Unfortunately, Shiva found out about her illness when a cancerous mass had spread from her intestine to her liver. Shiva needed a nurse in the last month, especially at night. Ms. Ziba agreed to take care of her at a very reasonable price. The amount paid to her was $1820  with the receipt attached. The rest of the members who bought or prepared food for Shiva during this period didn’t receive any money.

Borhan is a 43-year-old man from a northern city in Iran who was diagnosed with stomach cancer last year and had previously had part of his stomach removed.Unfortunately, he has recently had a new involvement in the intestinal tract, and according to his doctor, this mass must be removed with surgery, after which he needs radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Burhan couldn't afford such a thing and asked our group for help. This campaign, accompanied by 140 people, was able to raise $ 5,000 + 20 million Tomans in a short period of time.

Mehdi got into a fight with a young man who ended up accidentally killing him. The aid group raised $3,500 (68,799,600 Toomans) to help the man be released from prison in Iran, rent a house, and live with his family again. Mr. Babak Bandarchi also helped Mehdi get a job.

57 people participated in this campaign and their names will be attached.


Farzaneh, is a woman we helped her buy a bed and mattress with earlier in March and she is ready for surgery to remove a breast due to cancer. At this stage, we helped her in order she couldn’t work for a month and pay her rent and other expenses without any worries. Also, after her surgery, we voluntarily cooked and took food for 15 people every day.

PS: Farzaneh, is healthy now and has returned to work.

In this campaign, 62 people donated money and their names are attached.

Farzaneh is a young woman living in Toronto who has a child in high school. She, unfortunately, has developed breast cancer and is no longer able to work, and is waiting for the date of her surgery. This mother and child are both sleeping on the floor (on the mattress) but because of her critical condition, she must be sleeping on a bed with a mattress after surgery. She needed a mattress and a bed, a vacuum cleaner as well as curtains for the rental apartment. In this campaign, we were able to raise $1,056 for her, which was enough to buy the equipment she needed.

Najmeh is a girl who came to Toronto on a student visa. Her family was able to send her money through an exchange office by taking a loan, but unfortunately, the exchange office took her incoming money from Iran and didn’t pay her, and then closed their business. She attempted many times to reach out to the owners but they moved and removed all their contact information. With all her money taken, if Najmeh couldn’t pay for York University, she would not have graduated, of course, and would be forced to return back home. The campaign was well received.

20 students from one of the deprived villages in Kurdistan (Boukan city) couldn’t afford to buy a tablet and dropped out of school due to the presence of online classes. The teacher of this school asked us to help his student. We were able to send them $1642 (40 million Toomans). This amount allowed us to purchase 20 tablets.

The photos will be attached after the teacher buys the tablets.

Additionally, in the same campaign, we bought a laptop for $960 from the donation fund, for a graphics student who couldn’t afford it and sent it to her by a traveler.

Fatemeh is a woman whose bowel cancer has spread to her ovaries and she has to have surgery as soon as possible. She needed 40 million tomans for surgery and chemotherapy immediately after that. 

In this campaign, the amount of $3132 dollars (59 million and 157 thousand Toman) was collected.

67 people participated in this campaign, the names of which are attached.

In 2018, Afshin was a young man we ran a campaign for to get him a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately, after a year of cancer, it comes back in the form of a lump in his thigh. He was being treated when lumps also appeared on his neck. Unfortunately, he contracted coronary artery disease at the hospital and was unable to return to chemotherapy after four months and six series of chemotherapy treatments. He has not had two of his chemotherapy treatments due to financial difficulties.

The campaign to help Afshin raised $2,810 in less than 48 hours. (51.500.000 Toman)