In this campaign, we decided to send help to 6 cancer patients who were waiting for our help for a long time for their treatment.
In this campaign, the amount of 8215.70 dollars was collected, as well as 26 million and seven hundred thousand toomans (equivalent to 700 dollars).
The total amount of donations was 8916 dollars and was divided equally among 6 people. ($1486 per person)
The dollar price was 38 thousand 400 toomans.
An amount of 57,630,000 toomans was sent to each of them.

Lili Nabavi, Donated a laptop to the Iranian filmmaker, who was newcomer and needed it so much.
We have experienced this type of donation a lot in our group.
I choose this case only to spread her generosity and remember her kind memory.

“Khoy” is one of the cities of “West Azarbaijan” province.
Unfortunately, the earthquake in this city was destroyed 2,250 houses and 11,000 other houses suffered great damage.
Our group decided to prepare some shelters for families like the Kermanshah’s earthquake.
We were able to order, buy, load, rent trolleys and deliver 18 shelters to the affected people of this city.200 people participated in this campaign.

In order to prevent the execution of a 15-year-old boy who was arrested during the protests, a man from abroad became his guardian, thus preventing his execution.
This guardian paid all the lawyer's fees. After that, 100 million Toomans should have been transferred to the government account, of which 20 million Toomans were missing.
This boy was introduced to us by one of the members. We were able to collect 1267 dollars and this amount was more than what they needed.

Considering the protests in Iran and the killing of “Mahsa Amini”, our group decided to provide food aid to the affected families during the time when they were unable to work and had livelihood problems.
We were able to help people in the cities of” Zahedan”, “Kurdistan”, “Sistan”,south of Tehran and the suburbs of “Karaj” for 5 continuous months. During 14 campaigns,
some of the volunteers who delivered these aids were able to deliver our aids to 190 families. Due to the sensitivity of this issue, we only post some of the receipts on the site.

Bahram was a 62 years old and he was introduced by one of our members. He was waiting for his turn to receive our help for his heart surgery , he had to work hard, unfortunately during his work his heart vein ruptured and he underwent emergency surgery at Milad Hospital. Milad Hospital isn’t private, so it was not expensive.
We collected 1992 dollars, our members decided that we divided this money, so we gave 11 million tomans to Bahram, and 750 dollars were divided between two sick women, Shahla, who had breast cancer and Masoume, who needed intestinal surgery.

At first, we started a campaign to help Fatima, a woman with cervical cancer who had a disabled child and was the head of family.
In the middle of the our campaign, one of the members took over all the expenses of this family, as a result, the help was gave to the next person, who was in turn to receive our help.
Mohammadreza was 57 years old and was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Since then, he lost his ability to work, due to a mass attached to the nerve behind his stomach; he suffered a lot of pain.

Shiva is a girl that the group has known for the past 4 years. A strong and brave girl who was fighting cancer. Unfortunately, Shiva found out about her illness when a cancerous mass had spread from her intestine to her liver. Shiva needed a nurse in the last month, especially at night. Ms. Ziba agreed to take care of her at a very reasonable price. The amount paid to her was $1820  with the receipt attached. The rest of the members who bought or prepared food for Shiva during this period didn’t receive any money.

Borhan is a 43-year-old man from a northern city in Iran who was diagnosed with stomach cancer last year and had previously had part of his stomach removed.Unfortunately, he has recently had a new involvement in the intestinal tract, and according to his doctor, this mass must be removed with surgery, after which he needs radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Burhan couldn't afford such a thing and asked our group for help. This campaign, accompanied by 140 people, was able to raise $ 5,000 + 20 million Tomans in a short period of time.

Mehdi got into a fight with a young man who ended up accidentally killing him. The aid group raised $3,500 (68,799,600 Toomans) to help the man be released from prison in Iran, rent a house, and live with his family again. Mr. Babak Bandarchi also helped Mehdi get a job.

57 people participated in this campaign and their names will be attached.