Aiding Matin khanoom

Aided Display Name: Aiding Matin khanoom

Category: Fundraising

Aider Goal: 2700.00

Aided Recieved: 3700.00

Aider Location: Canada

Aided Location: Iran

Date Start: Tuesday, March 10, 2020 - 00:15

Date Finish: Thursday, March 12, 2020 - 00:15

Leader: Par Ebrahimi

Ms. Matin is an elderly woman who lost her husband and child.Her landlord in Karaj, Iran gave her time until Nowruz to evacuate. Although her neighbours came to her aid and attempted to negotiate with the landlord to not evacuate her on New Year’s Day, the landlord refused.
Ms. Matin had no place and no one to go to. Her kind neighbors found a place for her that is about 30 meters and close to her current place of residence, butthe mortgage down-payment was 30,000,000 Tomans. Ms. Matin receives 1,000,000 Tomansfrom her husband's pension every month and can live with it, but she had no money to settle down for housing.
In this campaign, 66 kind people participated in less than 48 hours, and they donated a total of $3,700, which is equivalent to 42,924,000 Toman. The collected funds was sent to her and she was able to move into the home with the help of her neighbours on New Year’s Eve.
Fortunately, with everyone’s help, we have been able to aid Ms. Matinand help her continue to live in peace.


Aria Alavi
Azadeh Mirtabatabaei
Behnaz Hojatian
Babak Najafi
Cathy mooshabadi
David Zavareh
Farangis Hematian
Feloreh Saremi
Fereshteh nik khah
Giti Moghimi
Gita Norouzi
Haleh Amir
Hamid karimi
kathy Golparvar
Kamnoosh Shahabi
Kamelia Talachi
Mehrnoosh Hassanloo
Mana Sarang
Marjan Delavar
Mahnaz Jabbarian
Mohammad Rahimian
Mohammad Mozafarian
Nasim Javaherian
Minoo Asgari
Nahid Alikhani
Nazanin Azmoon
Pooneh Biazari
Parvaneh Ebrahimi
Patov Hojati
Ramin Roghani
Reza Ghazi
Reza Farahmand
Reyhane Moshtaghi
Ramin Koohestani
Roshanak Mohammadi
Sadaf Bash
Sadaf Momenin
Sara Bagheri
Saeideh Kaveh
Samira Bidgoli
Susan Nadimi
Shole Dolatabadi
Shirin Adhami
Shahin Moghaddam
Shaghayegh ArmiuonParastoo Nikbakht
Tima Sadeghi
Sormeh Khameneh
Froogh Shams Shojaei
Mahnaz Boustanifar
Maryam Aramesh
Mahshid Soleimanpour
Rezvan Khorrami
Lili Nabavi
Zahra Akhavian