During the pandemic, family of the baby was assisted by 88 kind people.

In 40 hours, our campaign raised $ 3,890.00 from Canada and 2,000,000 Toman from Iran. The total donations amounted to 48,291,000 Toman which were sent to them by Mr. Karimi of Persica currency, free of charge.


The full story of this family:

Ms. Matin is an elderly woman who lost her husband and child.Her landlord in Karaj, Iran gave her time until Nowruz to evacuate. Although her neighbours came to her aid and attempted to negotiate with the landlord to not evacuate her on New Year’s Day, the landlord refused.

The purpose of this campaign was to build two primary schools.
The purpose of this campaign was to help the flooded areas in Sistan and Baluchestanan. we ended up assisting 120 people. In this campaign, which was in addition to the savings fund of the People's Aid Fund (until the beginning of 2020), a total of $10,900.00 and 3,000,000 Toman in Iran was collected totaling the amount of $117,836,750 for the assistance.

Hadi was assisted by 59 people in this campaign
Hadi is 34 years old and lives in one of the villages of Isfahan, Iran. He has been suffering from MS for the past nine years and the price of his drugs is very high. During this time, he borrowed 30,000,000.00 Tomans from others, and he would be sued (and potentially imprisoned) if he could not pay them back within a few days.
In this campaign, the amount of 31, 300, 00 Toman was collected by 59 charitable people in Toronto and all this amount was sent to him.

Aiding 350 families who were victims of the Flood for Shiraz
The floods in Shiraz caused severe damage to many villages in this city.
The campaign to collect public donations by the friends of the People's Aiding Group was able to raise $4,050.00plus 200,000 Tomans, equivalent to 41,510,000Tomans, with the help of 63 philanthropists in Toronto.

33 people participated in this campaign to help Police.

Police who lives in Iran, has Esophageal cancer, and fortunately it is one of the most promising cancers.

The campaign asked for a $20 Campaign. Thankfully, it ended with a collection of $1,240.00 and participation of 33 people.

Receipts are attached

Fortunately, we were able to help Dena and Shokouh
Dena has bladder cancer and glory with colon cancer. In the case of Dena, her bladder was removed as a procedure for treatment for the cancer, and she should be given two Avestin doses weekly and an Aldolan dose every three days. She also uses Aromestane 50 tablets, which are expensive. On the other hand, the price of just one of these is 1,200,00Tomans.

Afshin, is a young Iranian artist, 35, undergoing chemotherapy. 
He is a painter who wishes to have a painting gallery someday. According to his doctors, he could recover and needed immediate bone marrow transplant.
The campaign collected and sent $ 2,500.00.
A friend of Aiding people group also agreed to donate 500,000 tomans a month for six months.