This dormitory was built for smart rural girls, who had to come to “Saravan” to continue their education and needed a place to stay. This building has 310 meters foundation and we were able to finish this dormitory in 4 months by paying 450 million tomans.
This dormitory was built by help and supervision of Mr. Habibullah Dadkhodazehi, the village teacher.
Also, in memory of 72 people who passed away, their names were recorded on the entrance wall of the dormitory on blue tiles.
Photos are attached

In this campaign, the amount of 2300 dollars + 400 thousand Toomans was collected along with 67 people. With each other's help, we were able to pay for the cementing of the schoolyard we had built (TAVANA) so that the children could  play in the schoolyard.

Receipt attached.



Kamal Taravati

Mohammadbagher Samimi

Amir Shafaghi

Sina Sotudenia

Homa Shivaei

Atosa Nami

Mohammad Rahimian

Hengameh Joulaei

Davood Zavareh

Ali Sartipi

Saghar Alavi

In this project, two groups of “Aiding People” and selling the works of Naghmeh Afshin Jah painting students decided to build two schools in the two villages of Bahman and Karachi. These two schools were named Matin and Nikan, and the primary school children of these two villages studied there. Also, after the school was built, bags and stationery, as well as masks, were bought for them. In this project, Mr. Khodadad Zehi, a teacher in these villages, supervised the construction, and without his help, such a thing would not have been possible.

After the construction of the school in this village, 5 million Toomans were left from cementing the schoolyard, and slippers were purchased for the rural children at the suggestion of the school teacher. It should be noted that in these villages wearing slippers is more common than shoes.

Photos are attached

“Gorabak village” in “Sistan” province has 54 middle and high school students. They need a school to educate kids 12 and older. The school would be a middle school and a high school. Another charity had already built an elementary school in this village for younger children. Our campaign was to build the middle/high school. The construction cost of this school will be 324 million Toomans (around $16000). Education certification is also obtained, meaning that construction is allowed, and after construction, education is committed to providing the teacher with a desk and chair.