Cancer Conference in Toronto

The personalised Cancer therapy, the miracle of 21st century

Aiding People in partnership withIran Star ( is a Canadian-Iranian media is inviting you to participate in one of the kind informational “personalized Cancer therapy, the miracle of 21st century” featuring key speaker Dr. Nader Javadi, MD Hematologist and Oncologist, Prof of American Society of Clinical Oncology at Aga Khan Museum on 10 November 2019. In addition to Dr. Javadi, we are honor to host four other specialists who would address nutrition, physical, psychology conditions of cancer as well as WHO guidance of known and Probable causes of cancer.


Event Details:

This Conference is certainly the only and most important gathering for providing information on cancer, all aligned with FDA, WHO, and Ontario Health for the community in Farsi and English. 
The speakers will lecture on their subjects and take a few questions to answer; and at the end of the conference they will all demonstrate how they can co-operate on one subject by providing their views.
The format is based on lectures and PowerPoint presentations.
We are inviting you to experience that how several professors and specialist can work together to bring miracles to cancer patients. We have secured a VIP session beside the conference so that our great speakers could share some more views and co-operation among each other. This is a free and open to public event that will bring top community influencers and leaders without a doubt, which will give world-class information and co-operation on Sunday 10th November 2019 at a prestigious place (Aga Khan Museum) to encourage people to live healthier.
In co-operation with Aga Khan Museum, attendances can take a moment to visit the museum for free just before the conference (a free ticket of $20).
At the conference auditorium entrance will be some information and a few possibly sponsors’ banners.

This event is free to public.



Dr Nader Javadi
Miracle of All:

Key Speaker, Dr. Nader Javadi,
MD Hematologist and Oncologist, Member of American Society of Clinical Oncology, previous clinical professor at UCI medical center, current medical director of hope health center, Reg. Cert.

Dr Bahram Jam
Miracle of Physical Therapy:

Bahram Jam,
Doctorate in Physical Therapy, D.SC.PT, M.PHTY, B.SC.PT, FCAMT, Reg. Cert.

Dr Rastegar
Canser Causes:

Mohammad Rastegarpanah,
Ph.D. in Physiology, Medical Doctor (Iran), IMD Ex. Prof of Physiology

Hengameh Joulaie
Miracle of Nutrition:

Hengameh Joulaie,
MLA, BFA, RHN, RBIE, Registered nutritionist, Registered Bioenergetic specialist, Reg.

AhmadReza Baki jafarzadeh
Miracle of Nursing:

AhmadReza Baki jafarzadeh,
Oncology Nurse, Best International Educated Nurse 2014, Winner KirshHumanity Award, ONS Certified

Dr Kazemi
Miracle of Nutrition:

Mohammad Reza Kazemi,
PhD Pathology & Lab, Naturopath, MD (Iran), CCNM, Reg.

Dr Nastaran Adibrad
Miracle of Psychology:

Nastaran Adibrad,
PhD Psychologist, CCCP, RP, Reg.

As of yet, this event is sponsored by Iran Star and Aiding People which is community movement which provides direct volunteer helps to people in need.

Terms & Conditions:
This event is fully based on FDA, WHO, and Ontario health guidance along with a few views of the future of cancer.

More information:
Please contact Iran Star at: 647-674-4048 or visit

Aga Khan