Every year before “Nowrooz”, we try to help child labor, who are in worse conditions and this year due to inflation and high prices everything was more terrible.
Three handmade rugs were awarded to those who participated in this campaign as part of a lottery.
In this campaign, we were able to collect 4,000 dollars + 15 million and five hundred thousand toomans. We could distribute several packs of groceries and nuts, and packs of food to these children.
Photos and receipts are attached.

To reopen schools, our members decided to buy stationery for poor children.
For this purpose, we chose the "Kore Ajurpazi" area, which is one of the poor areas, and counted the number of children who went to school in this area.
There were 50 children in the first and second grade, 40 in the third and fourth grade, and 40 in the fifth and sixth grade, for all of whom stationery, bags, toothbrushes, and toothpaste were bought and donated.
   Receipt and photo are attached

کمک گروهی از اعضای صندوق برای امیرحسین پسر کوچکی که به دلیل مشکلات جسمی خودش و مشکلات مالی مادرش، هر سال او را به نوعی خوشحال می‌کنیم.
امسال فروغ شمس برایش دوچرخه و کلاه ایمنی گرفت و چند دوست دیگر، اسباب بازی. از سوی دیگر داود توکلی یک لپتاب به خانمی نابینا در شهرمان هدیه داد که بتواند روی آن اپلیکشین گویا نصب و به دخترش در درس‌ها کمک کند.

Shiva is a girl that the group has known for the past 4 years. A strong and brave girl who was fighting cancer. Unfortunately, Shiva found out about her illness when a cancerous mass had spread from her intestine to her liver. Shiva needed a nurse in the last month, especially at night. Ms. Ziba agreed to take care of her at a very reasonable price. The amount paid to her was $1820  with the receipt attached. The rest of the members who bought or prepared food for Shiva during this period didn’t receive any money.

On the occasion of Nowruz, we decided to give food packages to working children.

The first series of food packages includes; There were two cans of oil, two kilos of rice, three tuna fish, one packet of soybeans, one packet of chocolate, one packet of sugar, one packet of tea, one can of tomato paste and two packets of macaroni. The rice was bought in the form of large bags and then two kilos of rice were weighed and placed in each bag.

The second series of 100 chicken kebab presses were distributed among children in need.

Amir Ali is a 6-year-old boy who told his teacher at school that he wished they had a Christmas tree at home. Amir Ali has physical problems and his mother takes care of him alone. A number of friends helped us to make her happy before the New Year.

In addition to the tree that Mr. Hatem Tehrani bought for him, gifts were also brought to him that made Amir Ali very excited.

PS: 4 years later, Amir Ali wanted to have a bicycle that a member of the fund, Forough Shams, bought for him.


Mohammadreza Hatam Tehrani

Shiva is a girl who lives in Toronto and has been battling cancer for four years and struggling with paying for her bills. We began shopping for her and buying her the food she needs every several weeks. We did this about ten times, In addition to food, we handed her all kinds of cash donations.

Purchase photos are attached

A few years ago, an elderly woman who retired in Toronto went to the United States to live with her daughter, so she told the pension agency he was leaving and his salary was naturally cut. After a few years when her daughter's condition worsened, they returned to Canada just before the corona outbreak to seek treatment for their daughter here. They rented an apartment in Toronto because of its proximity to the hospital. After a while, due to the high cost of their daughter's medicine, their savings were almost exhausted and they were introduced to us by a dear friend in our city.